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Adjutant/Armor Bearer Ministry

This ministry is to serve and protect the pastor and his wife. He/she is to carry out every plan of his leader successfully. To work tirelessly and diligently on behalf of his leader seeking ways to advance his/her welfare and situation.

Boys to Men

This ministry is geared towards young boys, teens, and young adult men to age 21 years. The goal of this ministry is to teach them life skills so that they can make a positive impact in their families and community.

Caring Hands Ministry

This ministry is designed to provide clothing for those who are in need, not only within our ministry but our community as well.

Dance Ministry

The dance ministry enhances the worship experience. It is the physical movement which relates to the "lively worship" that gives God glory and praise.

Deacon Ministry

This ministry is to look out for the welfare of the church body and see that all is well in business matters of the church.

Deaconess Ministry

1Timothy 3:11 says, "So also must their wives be serious, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things." (KJ21) The role of the deaconess ministry is to support the leadership, to be a witness, to visit the sick, prepare communion and be willing to serve where there is a need within the church and community.

Divorce & Recovery

This ministry is designed to help those who were in a broken relationship that needs healing and to administer a spirit of compassion in order for them to move forward in relationships with others.

Drama Ministry

This ministry provides an opportunity for those who are gifted in the art of acting and entertaining. This ministry is designed to enlighten the spectator through plays, skits and dramatic readings that have been inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Elder Ministry

This ministry is made up of ordained ministers whose purpose is to undergird the pastor and the ministry. The elders see to the needs of the people through calls, visitation and prayer. Elijah's House Ministries Bookstore The bookstore is located on site for all your reading and listening needs. You can purchase Bibles, Commentaries, Inspirational Books, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Evangelism Ministry

Reaches out with the good news of what God has done through Jesus Christ. This ministry shares the faith with those who are unsaved and unchurched and invites them to join the body of Christ.

Greeters Ministry

To greet each guest with a friendly smile, a hearty handshake, a joyful word of hello and a kind offer to assist our guest to ensure that they feel welcome in God's house.

Healing Hands Ministry

Sign language is available during services for those who are hearing impaired.

Health Ministry

To keep the body of Christ up to date on health issues. To help everyone better understand the physical man by bringing in various health professionals and as well as having health fairs.

HIV/AIDS Ministry

This ministry is designed to inform the church and community about this disease. To provide help for anyone who is suffering or knows someone suffering from the disease.

Inner Healing Ministry

This ministry deals with emotional and mental wounds and generational curses. Its purpose is to bring these various issues to the forefront to be dealt with that one may be made whole.

Marriage/Family Ministry

Is open to all married couples and those who are planning to get married. It is designed to deal with all issues of life that married couples face each and every day.

Media Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to record all services and events at the church. If you would like a CD or DVD this ministry is here to help you.

Men's Ministry

Men coming together to fellowship and discuss life issues that affect them. They have outings and services specifically designed for men.

Music Ministry

To usher in the presence of God through sincere corporate worship. To enhance those who are gifted with musical talents that they may become an anointed vessel for God. To raise a standard of music that will not only reach a particular race but the soul of everyone that enters to worship.

Ministers' Spouses Ministry

This ministry is made up of men/women whose spouses are those who preach the gospel. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and to help them understand their roles as a spouse of a minister.

Prayer Ministry

Is composed of an intercessory prayer team. Their duties are to cover, to declare, to protect and do warfare for the body of Christ. The team comes together with the church body monthly for corporate prayer. Remember, no prayer, no power, little prayer, little power, much prayer, much power.

Prison Ministry

This ministry's purpose is to go into the prison system and let the men and women know that just because they are locked up, they are not locked out.

Prophetic Ministry

The purpose of the prophetic ministry is to edify, comfort and exhort the body of Christ. We also offer prophetic classes to help those with the gift to learn how to properly use the gift.

Protocol Ministry

This ministry makes sure that every service or event goes off in a timely and orderly manner.

Singles' Ministry

This ministry is for single males and females. Meets each month to talk about issues that affect the single Christian, from finding a mate to financial problems. You name it and it's covered in this ministry.

Storehouse Ministry

This ministry's goal is to provide food for anyone who stands in need.

Sunday School Ministry

Meets every Sunday morning to teach all ages the Word of God. If you have any questions about the lesson we are here to give insight to the Word of God.

Trustee Ministry

The trustee board ensures that the facility and grounds are taken care of as well as undergird the ministry in prayer. They also work closely with the board of Deacons.

Usher Board Ministry

The usher board is a vital part of the ministry. Their purpose is to make all feel welcome and to ensure our guests are comfortable while they are with us.

Young Adult Ministry

The young adult ministry is for young adults' ages 18-25 years of age. This ministry is designed to give young adults biblical strategies as they transition into adulthood.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry is designed to lead the youth into a deeper relationship with God. To encourage excellence in all aspects of their lives whether it's in academics, athletics or community service.

Women's Ministry

The women's gathering meets every three months. This group deals with women's issues and how we can overcome them. It is a fellowship of women with a common goal and determination to move forward with the Lord.

Classes Offered

Altar Certification
New Member's Class
New Minister's Class
Prophetic Activation